We approach nature with stealth.Can you come with us?

We are not camera installers: WE ADAPT THEM TO THE MEDIA. Alone with that sensitivity and dedication, we have managed to monitor.

From small pollinators to the great black vulture or the spectacular bearded vulture. We have also approached the Bonelli’s eagle, Booted eagle. kites and smaller ones such as the peregrine falcon, the common kestrel, or the Lesser kestrel.

We have witnessed the first herd of a hermit Ibis in freedom after 500 years, we have gone underground to learn about the petrel gon gon in Cape Verde. The colorful world of birds fill our broadcasts with their colors and songs.

Our cameras with IR or thermal lights and the latest viewers also allow us to observe and record the activities of the night fauna: from the big bear to the little shrew or the night raptors.

Aquatic fauna a challenge: we have designed submersible IP equipment that allows us to follow the Montseny newt directly, get closer to the world of elusive iberian desman or get to estimate the passage of fish.

Ultimately we provide tools for environmental managers.

Experience. More than a decade of Miranatura.

Solvency. More than 40 installations.

⚪ Trust. More than 300 customers endorse us.

Pioneers. 2005 we made the first streaming of a bonelli’s eagle nest. ( Garraf  N. Park)

⚪ Innovation. 360º cameras, 4k video, 5g connections, NFC signage, urderwater IP cameras, IP trail.

⚪ Tools. We distribute the best brands of photo trail and thermal visors.

Latest technologies

At Miranatura we are constantly innovating, learning, always attentive to the latest advances and thus apply them to our projects.


Live streaming. Nature live.

4k. Nature in the highest quality.

NFC signage. An ecological and economic technology.

VR Technology. Nature in 360 degrees.

Thermal cameras and viewfinders. The night without secrets.

IP Trail. Artificial intelligence, virtual sensors.

Trail cameras. We are distributors of the best brands.

Urban fauna

Our cities and towns host a great 
variety of fauna and flora that
must be protected and known. 
Miranatura develop various 
conservation and dissemination

Hacking. Biodiversity in our cities.

Nest boxes. Enhancing the breeding of our birds

Green buildings. Giving life and oxygenating our cities.

More than 30 years sneaking into Nature, give a lot. And as we like to take care of the image, we have created this section that we will try to keep daily with either a photo, a video or both and a small description. For this we will make the social platforms work, so we will have a history in the cloud. On the other hand, current news will also have a corner in this blog.